We are delighted to announce our casting for this year's CAST!

Headshot of Avigail Tlalim


Avigail Tlalim

Avigail graduated this summer with a degree in Human, Social and Political Sciences.

She enjoys dancing like no ones watching and rolling round in the grass, especially when other people are silly enough to join in.

Headshot of Shimali De Silva


Shimali De Silva

Shimali is going into her final year studying English at Peterhouse.

She loves warm-toned indoor lighting, post-swim communal meals, and the word 'vibe'. She hates upper-back tension and days where she eats an entire tub of peanut butter in one go. Her star sign is virgo.

Headshot of Conor Dumbrell


Conor Dumbrell

Conor is going into his final year studying Biological Natural Sciences at Trinity Hall.

He is a big fan of The Lion King, cherry brandy and the song 'No Limit' by 2Unlimited. He used to believe he was a superhero because he could see rain.

Headshot of Rachel Kitts


Rachel Kitts

Rachel is in her third year studying English at Newnham College.

She is enjoying spending her summer surrounded by an inspirational group of people, getting to do what she's passionate about while traversing the globe and having exciting and new experiences!

Headshot of Stanley Thomas


Stanley Thomas

Stanley is going into his fourth year studying Classics at Selwyn College.

He wants to be Doctor Who when he grows up although literally everyone he knows has advised him to get a 'proper job' first.

Headshot of Louis Norris


Louis Norris

Louis graduated this summer with a degree in English.

He has enjoyed playing a character who, like him, values alone time and holds a senior position in the Neapolitan monarchy.

Headshot of Toby Waterworth


Toby Waterworth

Toby is in his third year at Selwyn College studying Politics and International Relations.

He owns 80 shirts which are hung in colour order. If he were an animal he believes he would be a Golden Retriever, the cast disagree and say he would be a worm.

Headshot of Milo Callaghan


Milo Callaghan

Milo is in his second year at Queens' College.

He has been informed that at 19 he is no longer a child. Furious. While no longer able to pass for a youngster, he enjoys writing stories for them, eating cereal and skinny dipping. Not usually at the same time.

Headshot of Jack Parham


Jack Parham

Jack graduated this summer with a degree in Modern Languages.

Once the tour is finished, he'll have to start pretending to be a full-blown adult. Any tips or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

Headshot of Beth Hindhaugh


Beth Hindhaugh

Beth is in her third year studying Natural Sciences at Trinity Hall.

She is very excited to be working on the Tempest with such a great group of people, having been rejected from her school production of the same play in year 8. "Look at me now, Miss Foley."