CAST 2017

CAST 2017

A Midsummer Night's Dream


Marco is a third year studying English at St. Catherine's College. He will be performing the roles of Lord, Gremio and Vincentio.


FRANKENSTEIN (d. ROSANNA SUPPA) - Ewan / Gustav - ADC Theatre, Cambridge (October 2015)


HENRY IV PART I (d. JAMIE ARMITAGE) - Hal - ADC Theatre, Cambridge (2015)

CYMBELINE (d. EMMA WILKINSON) - Iachimo - Waterloo East Theatre, London (2015)

HENRY V (d. LISA BLAIR) - Exeter - Cambridge Arts Theatre (2015)

ROMEO AND JULIET (d. MATILDA WNEK) - Benvolio - C Venues, Edinburgh Fringe Festival/Corpus Playroom, Cambridge (2014)

THE PENELOPIAD (d. MARTHE DE FERRER) - Telemachus, Eurynomus (Edinburgh)/Appolonius (Cambridge) - C Venues, Edinburgh Fringe Festival/ADC Theatre, Cambridge (2013-2014)

SAINT JOAN (d. LILY STAFF) - Chaplain, Robert - ADC Theatre, Cambridge (2014)

OEDIPUS AND ANTIGONE (d. ROBBIE TAYLOR HUNT) - Haemon - ADC Theatre, Cambridge (2014)

THE WINTER'S TALE (d. DAVID MATTHEWS) - Leontes - Magdalene College, Cambridge (2014)

HER NAKED SKIN (d. ROSE READE) - Assistant Director - ADC Theatre, Cambridge (2014)

THE DUCHESS OF MALFI (d. ISABELLE KETTLE) - Silvio - ADC Theatre, Cambridge (2014)

FIVE KINDS OF SILENCE (d. MARTHE DE FERRER) - Father, Ensemble - Corpus Playroom, Cambridge (2014)