CAST 2017

CAST 2017

A Midsummer Night's Dream


Julia is a third year studying Education with Drama and English at Homerton College. She will be performing the roles of Bianca, Biondello and Servant.


THE MASTER AND MARGARITA (d. SARAH STACEY) - Berlioz / Kaifa - ADC Theatre, Cambridge (October 2015)

FRANKENSTEIN (d. ROSANNA SUPPA) - Elizabeth Lavenza - ADC Theatre, Cambridge (October 2015)


HAPPY DAYS (d. LEWIS SCOTT) - Winnie - ADC Theatre, Cambridge (2015)

BLOOD WEDDING (d. MARTHE DE FERRER) - Leonardo's Wife - ADC Theatre, Cambridge (2015)

'TIS PITY SHE'S A WHORE (d. LAURA BATEY) - Annabella - ADC Theatre, Cambridge (2015)

THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK (d. SARAH MERCER) - Alex Spofford - ADC Theatre, Cambridge (2015)

MACBETH (d. NICHOLAS HULBERT) - Witch - Venues across Europe/Cockpit Theatre, London/ADC Theatre, Cambridge (2014- 2015)

OF MICE AND MEN (d. SAM RAYNER) - Curley's Wife - ADC Theatre, Cambridge (2014)

SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE (d. GARETH MATTEY) - Celeste 2, Louise - C Venues, Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2014)

GOD ON TRIAL (d. LOUISE BANABLE) - Moche - C Venues, Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2014)

THE WINTER'S TALE (d. DAVID MATTHEWS) - Paulina - Magdalene College, Cambridge (2014)

HER NAKED SKIN (d. ROSE READE) - Mary Nicholson - ADC Theatre, Cambridge (2014)

THE CUT (d. HENRY ST LEGER-DAVEY) - Mina/Gita - Corpus Playroom, Cambridge (2014)

MERCURY FUR (d. JUSTIN WELLS) - Darren - Corpus Playroom, Cambridge (2014)

4000 MILES (d. MATTHEW LEE AND DAVID RATTIGAN) - Vera - Corpus Playroom, Cambridge (2014)

CONFUSIONS (d. GEORGE KAN) - Bernice, Polly - ADC Theatre, Cambridge (2013)