We are delighted to announce our production team for this year's CAST!

Headshot of Nick Harrison

Tour Manager

Nick Harrison

Nick has just graduated from Selwyn College with a degree in Mathematics.

He has an uncanny knack for getting obsessed with hobbies then forgetting about them. Current obsessions include programming, rock climbing and tour-managing The Tempest.

Headshot of Charlotte Stephenson

Tour Manager

Charlotte Stephenson

Charlotte is in her final year studying Classics at St John's College.

She is very excited to be visiting the USA for the first time armed with her colour-coordinated spreadsheets which keep her calm and collected.

Headshot of Anastasia Bruce-Jones


Anastasia Bruce-Jones

Anastasia graduated this summer with a degree in English from Gonville and Caius College.

She grew up a true country bumpkin, roaming the fields, forests and moors of Devon and making up stories for herself wherever she went. She is incredibly excited to be telling stories to wider audiences these days.

Headshot of Jonathan Ben-Shaul

Assistant Director

Jonathan Ben-Shaul

Jonathan Ben-Shaul recently graduated from Sidney Sussex College.

He enjoys long walks, weekend getaways and the spiciest of choreography broths. He can, at the very least, be described as physically present.

Headshot of Francesca Coslett

Stage/Production Manager

Francesca Coslett

Francesca is going into her final year studying English at Trinity Hall.

She firmly believes her Tibetan Terrier, Lyra, is a reincarnated monk. Until recently, she also believed that rainbows were round.

Headshot of Jack Parham

Production Designer

Jack Parham

Jack graduated this summer with a degree in Modern Languages.

Once the tour is finished, he'll have to start pretending to be a full-blown adult. Any tips or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

Headshot of Rebecca Fry

Lighting Designer/CLX

Rebecca Fry

Rebecca is going into her third year studying English at Girton College, Cambridge.

Rebecca is really excited about all the new places, venues and people she'll come across on tour. She hopes she can bring a little bit of light and colour to your day.

Headshot of Georgia Holmes

Sound Designer

Georgia Holmes

Georgia studies French and Spanish at Fitzwilliam College and is about to start her year abroad. Please don't ask her where she's going. She's still not sure.

She's nervous and excited about sound designing such a big show, but can't wait to get started.

Headshot of Teuta Day

Education Officer

Teuta Day

Teuta is in her third year studying Education with English and Drama at St John's College.

This tour has made her extremely happy because all of the team are incredible at their jobs and it means that she has learnt as much as she has taught!

Headshot of Jago Thornton

Musical Director

Jago Thornton

Jago is a music graduate of Pembroke College.

He finds joy in resonances — both between sounds and between people. He is sadly the only member of the company who isn't touring the USA with everyone else