We are delighted to announce our production team for this year's CAST!

Headshot of Laura Cameron

Tour Manager

Laura Cameron

Laura has just graduated from Girton College with a BA in English.

She started off as an actor before deciding she had a penchant for admin and now prefers to be on the production side of things.

Headshot of Georgina Evans

Tour Manager

Georgina Evans

Georgina recently graduated from Homerton College with a degree in Linguistics.

She is very excited to be visiting the USA for the first time armed with her colour-coordinated spreadsheets which keep her calm and collected.

Headshot of Jess Murdoch


Jess Murdoch

Jess graduated this summer with a degree in English from Pembroke College.

After her American adventure she aspires to either enter the theatre industry or become a horse. She would also like to take this opportunity to apologise to the ghost of Billy Shakes for any offence caused.

Headshot of Maya Yousif

Assistant Director

Maya Yousif

Maya is going in to her third year of a BA in Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion at Homerton College, Cambridge.

When she isn't doing her degree, you can find her either directing plays, or dad-dancing at parties. Fortunately for her, this role enables her to do both, and pass it off as "valuable experience" for her CV.

Headshot of Theo Haymann

Technical Director

Theo Haymann

Theo graduated this summer with a degree in Engineering from St John's College.

He is known for building sets involving boats, and hopes that these carpentry skills are useful for building parties too.

Headshot of Ruth Harvey

Lighting Designer/CLX

Ruth Harvey

Ruth has just graduated with a masters in The History and Philosophy of Science, which is a degree that will definitely get me a job, mum, I promise.

Her hobbies include baking, music, and trying to tell herself she doesn't want to work in the theatre industry. On tour you will likely find her on top of ladders, or secretively bribing lanterns until they work like they're supposed to.

Headshot of Georgia Humphrey

Stage Manager/Costume Designer

Georgia Humphrey

Georgia somehow just graduted with a degree in English from Christ's college.

She really isn't sure how that happened, since most of her time is spent bossing people around and sewing. Luckily that's exactly what her job on this tour requires.

Headshot of Eleanor Gaunt

Education Officer

Eleanor Gaunt

Ellie graduated this summer with a degree in Linguistics from Robinson College.

She is very excited about the theme this year and in celebration can be seen wearing a party hat at all times (even in the shower).