We are delighted to announce our casting for this year's CAST!

Headshot of Tom Nunan

Antipholus of Syracuse

Tom Nunan

Tom is going into his last year studying Human, Social and Political Sciences at Corpus Christi College.

He does not know whether to be flattered or daunted by being cast as Gabriel's identical twin. He hopes his wit will prove as cutting as Gabriel's bone structure. Then again, Tom has a habit of fighting uphill battles.

Headshot of Anna Wright

Dromio of Syracuse

Anna Wright

Anna is going into her final year studying English at Churchill college.

She wishes she had a twin in real life, so she could see what her head looks like from the back. She is very excited to be touring this production with such a fantastic group of people.

Headshot of Gabriel Wheble

Antipholus of Ephesus

Gabriel Wheble

Gabriel has one more year of studying English before he sets sail into an adulthood of acting mediocrity: endless auditions, cringeworthy networking, half smiles and bitter “oh I’m so happy for you”s. He has already accepted the fact that he’ll be living with his mum when he’s 40. He’s also a keen animal lover.

Headshot of James Bryden Rodgers

Dromio of Ephesus

James Bryden Rodgers

James has just finished his first year of English at Clare.

While some would say that balancing the captaincy of his college football team, performing in CAST and having such devastating good looks make him a budget store Troy Bolton - the actor himself would never be so modest. He was described as a “shallow hedonistic youth” by his supervisor after his third supervision and hopes to only improve this reputation in the future.

Headshot of Sophie Atherton


Sophie Atherton

Sophie is in her final year of studying English at Murray Edwards college.

Sophie is actually using CAST as an opportunity to try out different food across the United States. In particular, she’s curious to try the breakfast meal at Tiffany’s that everyone keeps talking about?

Headshot of Eleanor Cole


Eleanor Cole

Ellie has (just about) graduated with a BA in Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion.

Her hobbies include: cross-country skiing, asthma, and basking in the warm glow of unemployment. Special skills include: making espresso martinis, sleeping in the day, and telling anecdotes with no beginning, middle OR end.

Headshot of Kimberley Alexander


Kimberley Alexander

Kim is going into her fourth year studying Natural Sciences at Lucy Cavendish College (which is actually quite the feat, considering she spent the first three doing Theology).

When not busy exploiting academic loopholes, she has been honing her reputation as the most accident-prone actor to have ever graced the Cambridge theatre scene. She is thrilled at the opportunity to continue this tradition on the international stage.

Headshot of Oliver Jones


Oliver Jones

Ollie is entering his 4th year of Engineering at Christ's.

After deftly impersonating a humanities student sucessfully for the first 3 years of his degree, he hopes there are no car troubles on tour in case he has to actually demonstrate to himself he might have learnt something science related.

Headshot of Jamie Sayers

Egeon/Dr Pinch/Luce/Merchant

Jamie Sayers

Jamie is entering his final year of Classics at Pembroke.

When not trying to follow in the footsteps of the one and only Tom Hiddleston, Jamie can be found at Stamford Bridge watching Chelsea, desperately wishing he had studied English, and annoying his friends with obscure Office quotes (but which is better that’s the real question…)