CAST 2017

CAST 2017

A Midsummer Night's Dream


It’s been a crazy few days. After our performance at Ely (for which we got a great review for - we all headed home to pack and arrived back in Cambridge refreshed and ready. Our TD, Josie, did a great job packing all the set and costumes into the suitcases and we set off at a bright and early 6am to Gatwick airport. The flight and car hire all went reasonably smoothly despite our worries that we might get questioned about our slightly odd suitcase contents (one of the cast did have to go through extra customs to declare his lemon drizzle cake). Our Virgin Atlantic flights were great, we mainly watched films and enjoyed the mini fab ice creams). We managed to pack everything into the cars, which are beautifully big Dodge Caravans.

We all made it to Sebastian River High School by the evening (although Car 1 did have a detour around a deserted residential area, dodging blue crabs and peacocks in the road), where a large rolling sign outside announced our show. All the host families are lovely- some ordering pizza for dinner, others taking their guests out to a diner for breakfast. Most of the hosts seem to have swimming pools, gorgeous houses with sea views, and dogs. After a very welcome long sleep we all made it to Saint Edward’s School in Vero Beach, about a half hour drive from Sebastian River. They have a huge venue (The Waxlax Centre) with great facilities for their students- a workshop, props and a well-provided tech rig.

We had a slightly manic half hour before doing a sneak preview in front of the seniors and were very kindly given a packed lunch which we ate outside in the heat. We are now gelling some lights and getting used to the space, before our show at St Ed’s this evening. Although the flights and sorting the cars was hectic everything seems to have gone to plan so far. Florida is very hot, with palm trees everywhere. We are still getting used to the driving, especially turning at a red light and the sudden intense rain showers.

Laura Sedgwick/Tour Manager/Thursday September 3 2015