CAST 2017

CAST 2017

A Midsummer Night's Dream

AUGUST 23 2015

The time has flown and we’re now only two days away from our preview and a week and a half away from boarding our (pleasantly timed) mid-morning flight to the U.S. The actors have been busy rehearsing and the production team have had their work cut out sourcing props and figuring out various solutions to the problem of all our fabric still being in Germany rather than in the ADC.

As Education Officer I have had the privilege of being part of both of these teams and have been giving helpful advice wherever I can and learning a lot about how a tour show comes together. My days have therefore been spent alternately in the ADC clubroom reading up on different interpretations of the play and being in email contact with our various venues and in the auditorium watching the rehearsal process. On one memorable evening I even joined the cast in learning the jig finale with our designer Emma (keep an eye out for our lycra-themed cameos ). The Taming of the Shrew has been an incredibly interesting text to get our heads around and it seems to me that its true message is perhaps the most hotly contested of all Shakespeare’s works.

Watching how our creative team has approached a play that has been deemed by critics ‘unperformable’ for a 21st century audience has made me appreciate even further the almost innumerable ways in which Shakespeare’s characters and narratives can be envisioned and brought to life. I hope that the workshops I’ve been devising will enthuse American students about the possibilities for creativity and interpretation that Shakespeare’s text presents. Using the huge amount of acting and directing talent we have in the company I plan to use drama games and key sections from the play to open up a discussion about how we can use Shakespeare to explore aspects of our own society. With that in mind, I look forward to the last week of rehearsals and ‘Education Day’ on Friday - my time to shine!

Olivia Stamp/Education Officer/Sunday August 23 2015