This year, CAST is bringing Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors to schools, universities and theatres along the east coast of the USA and the Cayman islands.

The Show


We are delighted to invite you to Antipholus' birthday bash! Join us on this very special day for some party-popping, disco-bopping, candle-blowing, fancy-dressing fun - the banners are up, the mini sausage-rolls are out the oven, and the fabulous birthday boy (and Dromio) has arrived; there is only one thing left to do... get this PARTY STARTED!

After being separated as infants, two sets of identical twins, with identical names, finally find themselves in the same place at the same time. Following years of travelling the world in search of their missing halves, Antipholus of Syracuse and his servant Dromio arrive in Ephesus (unbeknownst to them, the home of their long-lost siblings). However, standing in the way of their reunion is a chaotic series of mistaken identities, confusion, and a fair amount of cake.

Stick on a party hat and come celebrate Shakespeare's most farcical comedy; reimagined as the world's most anarchic birthday-do, this Comedy of Errors has us questioning who is who? What is going on? How many blooming layers of paper is there left to unwrap? And, really, how many errors can possibly be made in one day!?**

**SPOILER: many, many errors.

How we work

CAST is a not-for-profit society at the University of Cambridge. Each year, the planning for the tour starts in November when the next pair of Tour Managers are chosen. Next, students from the university pitch a Shakespeare play to the Tour Managers that they want to direct for CAST. One of these students is then selected to be the director of CAST for the next year. Interviews and auditions are then held for the production team and cast. In 2018, well over 100 students auditioned to be part of The Tempest. At the end of this process, CAST has a full cast and crew ready to prepare one of the best shows that Cambridge produces each year. The planning for the tour is then carried out by the Tour Managers for the next 9 months, which culminates around the beginning of August when rehearsals for the show finally begin. We have one month of intense rehearsals until the show is ready to hit the USA in September.

Then the whole process starts again - to produce even more exciting and challenging shows to take to America.